The national cancer Institute plans to sue against the Center of counteraction of corruption because of on reinstatement Gubareva

Национальный институт рака планирует судиться против Центра противодействия коррупции из-за материала о восстановлении в должности Губаревой

The national cancer Institute (NCI) is preparing lawsuits against the Center for combating corruption (CPC) after publishing material about the reinstatement oncologist Anna Gubareva relatively harm the honor and dignity of the Institute and its doctors. This was stated by Director of research Elena Kolesnik in a statement published on the website of the institution.

“Briefly analyzing the article Alexandra Ustinova regarding clinical research is an absolute fake. No clinical studies was not given. The numbers given are fake. Therefore, dear members of the CTC, this time we are preparing lawsuits for the honor and dignity of physicians and the honor and dignity of the National cancer Institute,” said Elena Kolesnik.

She denied the information that Anna Gubareva was restored to his post at the Institute.

“Officially report the following: Anna Gubareva was dismissed from the post of medical oncologist Department of Oncology and part-time senior researcher from June 8, 2018 as the result of unethical behavior with a sick fighter ATO. Attention – and I insist on it – Gubareva Anna has never been reinstated physician Oncohematology. Moreover, it did not increase”, – said the Director of the National cancer Institute.

According to her, the media spread false information about it.

“Due to the fact that Anna Gubareva during his stay as a senior researcher played a snippet of the research work, at the request of its Director and Deputy Director on scientific work, she has made a labour contract, short-term, – in order that it has completed its scientific activities. Currently, she finally dismissed from this post where it is not restored – it is a contract, and it terminated prematurely,” explained Elena Kolesnik.

On membership Gubareva the local ethics Committee for about 10 years.

“Addressed the issue of participation Gubareva in this Commission and decided to withdraw her from the local ethics Committee”, – said the Director of the cancer Institute.

Recall, a veteran of the ATO reported that came for treatment to Anna Gubareva, however she refused to provide preferential services, claiming that he “killed the brotherly people”.

After some time, the acting Minister of health Suprun announced that Anna Gubareva dismissed. The anti-corruption action center published an article, according to which Gubarev regained, in particular, were promoted in the Committee on ethics at the Institute.

For its part, Suprun announced the re dismissal Gubareva, expressing outrage about the fact that it had signed an additional contract for the completion of scientific activities.

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