The NDP wants to ban single-use plastic within 3 years

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MONTREAL – The New democratic Party (NDP) wants to do away with Canada single-use plastics in just three years, in order to combat pollution.

The spokesperson for the NDP in terms of the environment, Alexandre Boulerice, argued at a press conference in Montreal that banning single-use plastic is the best way to combat this form of pollution.

“The pollution of plastic is a direct threat and a growing ecosystems, food chains and human health, and it is even absorbed by our body,” said Mr. Boulerice by press release.

The NDP therefore proposes a ban on straws, bags of thin plastic and other covers coffee cup. “The straw, or the plastic bag means will be used only for a few minutes or a few hours, but we will survive for a long time as waste in our environment,” noted the NDP candidate in Outremont, Julia Sánchez.

The NDP took advantage of the opportunity to denounce the government in this folder. “Urgent measures are needed to reduce the huge damage caused by the pollution of plastic, but the words of the liberals of Justin Trudeau does not lead to action or results,” said Alexandre Boulerice.

Approved by Greenpeace

The position of the NDP has been welcomed by Greenpeace Canada. “This is a strong statement, with a clear vision, which recognizes the danger of the pollution of plastic as much for our environment and for our health, and which sets out real action on elimination of single-use plastic at the source”, an overjoyed Agnes Rouzic, a spokesman for the campaign Oceans and plastics of Greenpeace Canada, by press release.

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The fight against plastic is located in the heart of the green movement for the past few years. Several Quebec cities, including Montreal and Longueuil, have already been regulated on their territory to ban plastic bags.

Movement activists are also seeking to raise awareness of the impact of secondary packaging in the shops, and grocery stores.