The network has posted classified documents about the Chernobyl disaster

В сети выложили засекреченные документы о Чернобыльской катастрофе

The network has posted classified documents about the Chernobyl disaster
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Published Soviet documents about Chernobyl. Photo: social networks

After 30 years the secret information became public.

In the Internet posted copies of once secret Soviet documents about the accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Material published on the website of the Ukrainian liberation movement. Among the disclosed information, there are indicators of the radiation condition on the 3 and 4 power units of Chernobyl immediately after the accident.

How to change the level of radiation in Kiev – may 1986.

The certificate of detention of the car with high levels of radiation.

Memorandum to the Chairman of the KGB of the Soviet Union about the shortcomings in the organization of the use of personnel of military units involved in liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident.

The order of the Chairman of the Committee for state security of the USSR about measures for strengthening the counterintelligence work at nuclear power facilities in connection with the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The list of settlements, where the population must be evacuated in August-September 1986.

The list of localities which impose a restriction of consumption of foodstuffs of local production and subsistence farms.

The order of the Committee of state security of the USSR on allowable levels of radioactive substances.

A memo to the first Secretary of the Kiev regional Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine V. M. Tsybulko about the violation of the technical regulations on the construction of Chernobyl nuclear power plant from 02.07.1973.

Memorandum to the acting chief of the KGB in Kiev region about the shortcomings in the construction of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from 24.07.1973.

Information about violations in the construction of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from 19.12.1978.

A memo to the chief of KGB of the USSR in Kiev and Kiev region Bandurysta N. Z. an emergency on the 3rd and 4th power units of the Chernobyl NPP from 01.03.1984.

A memo to the chief of Pripyat TH KGB of the USSR Yuri V. Nikolaev about the lack of reliability on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant reactors against 14.08.1984.

Help about some problems of operation of nuclear power plants in the USSR.

Radiation situation in Kyiv and in the border of 30-km zone.

Information about the public’s attitude towards Chernobyl disaster from 12.05.1986.

Help category radiation safety standards radiosensitive organs from 26.04.1986.

Help about the radiation environment on the 3rd and 4th units of ChNPP from 27.04.1986.

Information on the activities of chemical protection of troops from 30.04.1986.

Note on the work on localization of the site of the accident and investigating its causes from 03.05.1986.

Certificate of information from the field of evacuation from 08.05.1986.

Certificate of residence in Kiev correspondent Steven Strasser and Dr. Gale from the USA.

Note on the radiation situation at Chernobyl and in Pripyat from 03.07.1986.

Recommendations and some information in the zone of high radiation Kiev.


The message agent of the KGB of the USSR about the causes and analysis of the accident from 03.02.1987.


Minutes No. 3 meeting of the operational group of the Kiev office of party Committee of 7 may 1986.


The list of information subject to classification according to the issues related to the accident at unit 4 Chernobyl NPP from 08.07.1986.


A note about the situation in the vicinity of Chernobyl from 02.05.1986.


Memorandum Lyashko A. P. about the reliability of the measures taken, the monitoring of environmental pollution and food from 15.08.1986.



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