the new iPhone will release with support for augmented reality

the new iPhone will release with support for augmented reality. This statement was made by the American company Apple. This happens thanks to special sensors that generate a three-dimensional image.


Managers of the Corporation plan to make a mobile device of new generation in 2019. According to the head of Apple, Tim cook, smartphone, augmented reality will forever change technology. Now, if any 3D entity is behind the couch, in the virtual space as it is portrayed standing in front of the chair. It distorts the illusion and spoils the whole effect. The new technology will allow to get rid of this problem. Experts expect the increase in the cost of mobile devices with augmented reality. The demand for novelty is likely to be moderate.

Users are willing to shell out big money only for a real breakthrough in technology. In the field of augmented reality such phenomena are not currently seen. Now Apple produces these things called ARKit, but they are not in great demand. A few years ago, the Corporation has set up a special Agency responsible for the development of augmented reality.