The new leader of the DPR will be Dmitry Trapeznikov

Новым главарем ДНР станет Дмитрий Трапезников

“Acting head of the DNR” after the death of Alexander Zakharchenko will become “the first Deputy Prime Minister” Dmitry Trapeznikov, reports “Interfax”.

“To perform the duties of the head of the “DNR” will be temporary, according to preliminary information, Dmitry Trapeznikov,” said the so-called “Deputy of the people’s Council DND” Vladislav berdichevskiy.

As reported on the website of the “Council of Ministers DNR”, Dmitry Trapeznikov comes from Krasnodar. Moved to Donetsk together with his family in 1982

Before the outbreak of hostilities he held the position of Deputy head of the regional Council of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, 2012 and prior to the occupation worked in TD “Koopvneshtorg”.

In 2014 was the so-called “head of the temporary administration Telmanovo district DNR”, and from April 2016 was “acting Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers DND”.

As reported by journalist Nikita Sinitsyn in Facebook, Dmitry Trapeznikov worked in FC “Shakhtar” in 2001-2005, ran the fan club movement. Participated in the occupation of the Donetsk region from the beginning. In “DNR” was responsible for domestic and social policy.

“Greedy and avaricious, he is credited with not a much smaller number of “spin” than Timofeev-“Tashkent”, as well as master the work with the “miner” was in charge of humanitarian aid on “Donbass-arena”, and indeed the Russian humanitarian aid. It is difficult even to imagine how it was possible to weld,” said he.

Recall, August 31 in an explosion in a restaurant killed the leader “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko. Russian media also reported that the explosion injured, “Minister of revenues and duties DND” Alexander Timofeev. The so-called “law enforcement” self-proclaimed “DNR” said that the detained “Ukrainian saboteurs”, which is probably involved in the assassination attempt on Zakharchenko. But in this SBU information is not confirmed.

In ORDO the suspect in the murder of a guard Zakharchenko, at the same time, the Russian foreign Ministry accuses the “Kiev regime”. Read more about the murder of Zakharchenko read our material.

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