The new sports car BMW M2 CS “lit up” in spy video

The Bavarian brand BMW previously announced the emergence of a more extreme version of the sports car, the BMW M2, which should be called the BMW M2 CS. On the pages of American car magazines motor1 appeared fresh spy video, which, as experts believe, it is possible to see just such a car.


Judging by the fresh spy video, the new BMW M2 is CS road tests of the German race track nürburgring. The new sports car received a “family” grille and front optics, and the bumper found two massive air intake, the design of which is hidden under the camo panels. In General, the design of the new BMW M2 CS is virtually indistinguishable from the actual appearance of the BMW M2.

Insiders report that the new BMW M2 CS can completely replace the standard BMW M2 in the model lineup of the brand, but such information can be quite dubious. There is also evidence that the model will release limited to 1000 units quantities.

As regards the technical characteristics, the new BMW M2 CS is expected to get under the hood the 3.6-liter turbo six-cylinder, the familiar models of the BMW M3 and M4. The power of this engine will amount to 405 horsepower, and the choice customers will be offered a 6-speed manual transmission or 7-band “automatic” with two clutches.