The new standard of primary education: since September, expects first graders

Новый стандарт начального образования: Что с сентября ожидает первоклассников

Ukrainian school expected changes. They will be able to see soon, because the reform project of the school term, but by 2027 the Ukrainians promise fundamental changes. One innovation will be the introduction of “New Ukrainian schools” – in fact, the strategy of reform of middle level education to 2029.

From next year, according to new state standard of primary education will be trained in all of the first graders who go to school on 1 September 2018.

What is the state of primary education?

The Cabinet approved the document essentially defines the content of primary education. The document States that the state standard specifies requirements for the learning outcomes and competencies of applicants education, their total teaching load in the basic curriculum of elementary education and state certification.

According to the Minister of education Lilia Hrynevych, in this document what the child should know, be able to understand after completing the first four classes.

The state of primary education, which operated from April 2011, is repealed. Over the new two years in the making and, as stated in the Ministry of education, used the experience of seven countries – Finland, Singapore, Ireland, Scotland, France, Canada and Poland.

Now schools must be based on a new state standard for the development of its educational programs.

Новый стандарт начального образования: Что с сентября ожидает первоклассников

Whom it will affect?

State standard will apply from 1 September 2018 for students enrolled on programmes of 12-year secondary education.

What are the requirements for students in grades 1-4?

The program stated that the aim of primary education is the full development of the child’s talents, abilities, competencies and cross-cutting skills according to age and individual psycho-physiological characteristics and needs, the formation of values, development of independence, creativity and curiosity.

The document spelled out the following key competence of elementary school students, as proficiency in the national language, ability to communicate in the native (if different from state) and foreign languages, which involves active use of the native language in different communicative situations, particularly in everyday life, education, cultural life of the community, etc.; mathematical competence that involves identifying simple mathematical relationships in the world, competence in the field of natural Sciences, engineering and technology; innovation, which involves openness to new ideas, initiating change in the near-field environment (class, school, community, etc.), awareness of the fundamentals of environmental environmental management, information and communication competence, which involves mastery of digital literacy for development and communication, civil and social competence related to the ideas of democracy, justice, equality, human rights, well-being and healthy lifestyle, awareness of equal rights and opportunities; entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

There is a definition of General and compulsory learning outcomes 9 areas: linguistic and literary, mathematical, scientific, technological, technical, social and health-promoting, physical, civic, and historical, artistic. In the Ministry of education said that the mandatory results show that the child should be able, to know, to understand after every 2 cycles of study in the primary school (2nd and 4th grade).

What is the curriculum?

The state Committee for standardization includes a core curriculum on the basis of which the Ministry is developing a model curriculum, and the school curriculum. The Ministry of education this year invited four basic curriculum:

for secondary schools with Ukrainian language of instruction;

– institutions of General secondary education with education in the language of the relevant indigenous people or national minorities;

for special institutions (classes) of secondary education with Ukrainian as the language of instruction of children with special educational needs;

for special institutions (classes) General secondary education with education in the language of the relevant indigenous people or national minority.

For example, in the curriculum for schools with Ukrainian language of instruction allotted for the study of the Ukrainian language and literature (grades 1-4) – 245 hours per year, foreign languages – 70 hours per year, mathematical branch – 140 hours, 70 hours on the art industry in General and 735 hours on natural, social, civic, and historical, technological and information industry.

This year includes an increase in the volume of learning the Ukrainian language in schools of national minorities.

Note that in early February, the Ministry of education and science of the beginning of professional development for all teachers September 1 will take first graders. We are talking about 22 thousand primary school teachers who will teach first graders in most subjects.

The implementation of the reform has more than 1 billion hryvnia. According to the Agency, provided 998,7 million to ensure primary school pupils educational tools and mobile furniture, 163,818 million for the purchase of equipment for the elementary school, 386,5 million – for teacher training, 48,349 million – on educational materials for primary classes and 272,382 million UAH for textbooks for the 1st grade.

Recall that the standard of basic education should start from September 1, 2022, and the standard high school – from 1 September 2027.

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