The new trailer venom monster Tom hardy appeared in full growth

В новом трейлере Венома монстр Тома Харди предстал в полный рост

In the network appeared the second official trailer for the superhero action of “venom” with Tom hardy in the title role. Video posted on the Youtube channel, Sony Pictures Entertainment, which is engaged in the creation of the painting.

The plot of the film – reporter Eddie Brock. He engaged in conflict with Life Foundation, which conducts illegal experiments on humans. Its scientists use the mysterious alien organisms, symbiotes. A victim of one of these creatures and becomes the main character.

Tom hardy said that he agreed to this role primarily because of this comic book hero loves his son. And the creators of the film asked him to play the protagonist once I saw his work in the film “Legend”, where the actor had to play two characters.

Also in the film starred Michelle Williams, woody Harrelson and riz Ahmed. And directed by Ruben Fleischer (“Time 30 minutes”, “gangster squad”).

Recall that the opponent of the protagonist in the film will be a symbiote named Riot (Riot). On the Ukrainian screens the film will be released October 4.

Previously we published the first teaser and the trailer of action venom.

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