The number of hungry people in the world in 2017 back to a decade ago.

Количество голодающих в мире в 2017 году вернулось к показателям десятилетней давности, - ООН

The number of people suffering from hunger in 2017 reached 821 million. Thus, in a world starving for one in every nine people, according to the report “the state of Affairs in the area of food security and nutrition in the world in 2018”.

It is noted that progress has been made in the fight against various forms of malnutrition, but it is in the report is characterized as “insignificant.”

The authors of the report note that the increase in the number of hungry people is celebrated throughout the last three years. Indicators have returned to the level of a decade ago.

Количество голодающих в мире в 2017 году вернулось к показателям десятилетней давности, - ООН

“Slow progress indicates the need for urgent action to achieve the sustainable development goals, Zero hunger by 2030. The situation is getting worse in South America and most regions of Africa, whereas the downward trend in the levels of malnutrition characteristic of Asia slowed significantly,” – said in the report.

The main reasons causing the increase in the number of undernourished in the world indicate that climate variability, which affects the productivity of the agricultural sector, as well as conflicts and economic downturns.

“The disturbing signs of growing food insecurity and high levels of various forms of malnutrition are a clear warning that we have much work to do in order not to leave anybody halfway to achieving the sdgs in the area of food security. If we want to achieve a world without hunger and malnutrition in all its forms by 2030, we need to accelerate and intensify action to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity of food systems and livelihoods of people in response to climate variability and extreme weather events,” say the FAO, the International Fund for agricultural development (IFAD), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), world food programme (WFP) and world health organization (who) in their joint Foreword to the report.

Earlier, the representatives of FAO reported that about one third of all food produced worldwide for human consumption is lost or spoils before it reaches consumers. Also in February 2018, the UN has requested more than $ 1 billion. in the fight against hunger.

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