The off-season 2018: compare the video of beaches in the Crimea before and after its annexation

Несезон 2018: в сети сравнили видео пляжей в Крыму до и после его аннексии

The network has compared the beaches in the Crimea during the high season 2013 and 2018.

The corresponding video was published on the YouTube channel Bunny News, reports the Apostrophe.

It is noted that the video showed June 2013, before the annexation of the Peninsula by Russia, when the beaches of the Crimea, I could hardly find room to walk between the veils of tourists and empty beaches in 2018.

“New Abkhazia!”, “Ihtamnet…”, “Crimeans complain that the beaches are closed. First, there are lots of beaches, and, secondly, why would they beaches, if tourists no!” “That’s great, Katsap, I unloaded the beaches! No crush! Crimeans love it! Here they are, “native” stones from the sky in “home port”, “can Not now in Crimea to ride. Even if you come back, I can not”, “Positive complete. The sea will clear, the ecosystem will have a rest”, “Sorry guys, but you decided to become a resort and a military base (,” “was the resort, and became a custodial facility. Were free men, and now as the area I’m afraid to open your mouth”, “Stolen goods do not take root…”, “But it’s clean!!! When Crimea back make him into a deer Park!”, “In the Ukraine in the evening on the beach places were taken!”, “It is in the Russian spirit. Neither myself nor the other” “Oh, how beautiful, clean, let the sea rest!”, “Home port) Fun? Stolen for the future is not…”, – commented on the video in social networks.