The Ombudsman Denisova visited the ex-fighters Tornado in jail

  • Омбудсмен Денисова посетила экс-бойцов Торнадо в СИЗО

  • Омбудсмен Денисова посетила экс-бойцов Торнадо в СИЗО

  • Омбудсмен Денисова посетила экс-бойцов Торнадо в СИЗО

  • Омбудсмен Денисова посетила экс-бойцов Торнадо в СИЗО

The Commissioner for human rights in Ukraine Liudmyla Denisova visited in the lukyanovsky prison inmates, ex-fighters “Tornado”. She reported about it in Facebook.

“As soon as the media became aware of the events that occurred on the territory of Lukyanovka jail on 9 August, representatives of the office of the Commissioner immediately went to the place for clarification of circumstances and verification, and watched the situation all the other days,” – said Denisov.

In addition, representatives of the Ombudsman went to the place where was transferred the other four “tornadovtsev” and took their statements, and was then opened proceedings to clarify the situation. The same statement received from the “tornadovtsev” left in Lukyanovka jail.

“Today, I, as Commissioner, met with all involved and directly communicated with everyone who is now in jail. The prisoners told me that they need medical assistance. I turned to the investigators and we agreed that all necessary treatment will be provided,” wrote the Ombudsman.

Despite the complaints of prisoners to staff the medical unit of the detention facility, they will see doctors that provide the KSCA.

Recall, August 9, during the escorting fighters “Tornado” under Lukyanovsky jail, clashes occurred between citizens and police officers.

In the end, three soldiers of the battalion “Tornado”, which was held in the Lukyanivka prison in Kyiv, was transferred, and others put in solitary confinement. As told in the Ministry of justice, the result of the application of the soldiers improvised explosive packets suffered one of the police officers. In addition, it was reported that “tornadovtsa” poured gasoline on one of the police officers and threatened to set fire to it.

As later told the former head of the Public penitentiary service Sergey Starenky, the injured and the lawyer of ex-fighters. He said this on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Using mobile communications, the Internet, they called in the aid of his friends, who have already begun to impede the exit of the machine, during which the police who guard the territory outside the jail, prevented such actions. Was beaten a number of persons, and among beaten – the lawyer of one of the “tornadovtsev” Yuriy Karmazin, who is now in the hospital with a head injury,” he said.

Recall that two employees of Lukyanovka jail handed fighters “Tornado” forbidden items.

The Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko has announced tough administrative decisions concerning employees Lukyanovka jail in the near future.

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