The OPCW confirmed the use of gas new to Amesbury. UK

ОЗХО подтвердила применение газа Новичок в Эймсбери, - МИД Великобритании

The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) confirmed the use of toxic substances “Beginner” in Amesbury, UK. This reports the press service of the foreign Ministry of great Britain.

“An independent report prepared by the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, today confirmed the rating of the UK definition of chemicals that led to the death of don Sturgess in Amesbury July 8”, – stated in the statement.

The OPCW, in turn, confirms that he gave the report with the conclusion of the experts in the case of Amesbury to the British government.

Recall that there was a new case of poisoning under Salisbury similar to the poisoning of the former officer of the GRU of the Russian Federation Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury on 4 March. Was discovered unconscious man and woman at the age of 40 years. Both British citizens.

Scotland Yard said that they had been poisoned paralytic substance “Beginner” after contact with an infected subject. Later it became known that the woman poisoned a Novice in Amesbury, and died.

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