The Opportunity Rover passed the first pictures after “hibernation”

Veteran Rover Opportunity after the winter break transmitted to Earth the first pictures of the landscape of the fourth planet of the Solar system. At this time, astronomers have obtained a panoramic photo of the edge of the endeavour – one of the Martian craters.


An employee of NASA Jennifer Herman from the jet propulsion Laboratory announced that she and her colleagues were worried, as the Martian winter will affect the solar panels Opportunity. Scientists worried that they will take dust as in the previous winter on the red planet, but that did not happen. On the contrary – strong winds swept part of dust layers with solar panels. Experts hope that this will not only help the Rover to wait out the winter, but also to “experience” the nearest powerful dust storm, which is expected in 2018.

Opportunity has been on Mars for 13 years. He managed to survive with honor the test of the most harsh Martian months. In winter the Red planet as receding from the Sun, which dramatically reduces the activity of the Rover with solar panels. His “friend” the Mars Rover Curiosity in addition there are radioisotope generators.