The opposition is concerned, the CAQ wants to be reassuring

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Even if the CAQ wants to be reassuring, after having announced its intentions to outsource the digital information of Quebec to private companies such as Amazon, the opposition is concerned for the privacy of the Québécois.

The president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, announced that it wanted to put the data of Quebecers in a cloud computing system belonging to private companies.

Computer security experts pointed to our Bureau of investigation on Tuesday that such a decision could jeopardize the private life of Quebecers, particularly if a contract was given to an american company like Amazon or IBM.

American laws like the Patriot Act and the Cloud Act were discussed by the experts, as they give exceptional powers to the government of Donald Trump, allowing him to examine our data by invoking the excuse of national security.

Protect the data

The minister delegated to the digital Transformation, Eric Cairo, wanted to reassure the population. He said that the Patriot Act did not apply to the present time and that the Cloud Act only applies to american citizens.

“We take all contractual steps to ensure the legal provisions, to ensure that our data will be protected and protected well, said Mr. Cairo. The people with whom we will do business will have to meet the safety standards very high “.

In addition, the minister emphasized that there are collaboration agreements between the canadian and u.s. governments on the transmission of information in a context of fighting crime and terrorism.

If the government decides to create its own cloud-based “secure” for all of the data of Québec, it would cost$ 300 Million instead of the$ 150 Million planned for this project. Quebec does not have the means, writes the minister.

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He hoped, however, that québec firms will attempt to qualify for the contracts of the departments and agencies.

Very worried

However, the announcement of the CAQ concerned about the opposition parties in the national Assembly. “Theoretically under the Patriot Act, you can have a u.s. government which is involved in the quebec data. It is quite alarming “, says the interim leader of the PLQ and ex-president of the treasury Board, Pierre Arcand.

The co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, said it was ” definitely concerned “.