The organizers of the concert of Imagine Dragons warned of massive fraud with the tickets

Организаторы концерта Imagine Dragons предупредили о массовых махинациях с билетами

The organizers of the Kyiv concert of Imagine Dragons appealed to the audience not to buy tickets to the show from unverified sellers. It is very likely to run into scams and losing money, said in an official statement on the event page in Facebook.

“Performance of Imagine Dragons in Ukraine is causing an unprecedented boom since the opening day of ticket sales, the amount of people who simultaneously want to buy a ticket for a concert in Ukraine still was not. The excitement provoked fraudsters to manufacture counterfeit tickets. One of the fraudulent companies, the “Concierge Service” – sold tickets on the website and from your account in Instagram: @_concierg_ in March 2018. The crooks have been stopped, but how many hundreds or thousands of people bought fake tickets to the concert of Imagine Dragons in Kiev, unknown”, – stated in the message.

Those who are still planning to buy a ticket for the concert of Imagine Dragons, reminded that to do so without risk to purchase a fake, you can only from authorized operators:,,,,, and “If you bought tickets from Resellers on OLX or anywhere else besides the official distributors, there is a high probability that your ticket is not valid and you will not be able to get to the concert,” organizers said.

All who believe in the authenticity of the purchased tickets, please print them to quickly get into the territory of NSK “Olympic” in the day of the concert.

Recall, an American rock band Imagine Dragons for the first time will perform in Ukraine on August 31. A concert in support of the album, Evolve, will be held at the NSC “Olympic” in Kiev. The opening act for the “dragons” will play a British indie rockers the Vaccines.

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