The OSCE has recorded in the Donbass column of military trucks that drove across the border with Russia

ОБСЕ зафиксировала на Донбассе колонны военных грузовиков, которые въехали через границу с РФ

OSCE SMM observed a column of trucks that are in the middle of the night drove in the Ukraine and left her on a dirt road in uncontrolled territory of Donbass. This is stated in the report SMM OSCE on 9 August.

Moving trucks were in areas where there is no border-crossing facilities.

According to them, a convoy of 8 trucks was moving in an easterly direction along the road near uncontrollable Chistyakova (Donetsk region). Near Manych (also uncontrolled), approximately 3.5 km from the border between Ukraine and Russia, the convoy turned East onto a dirt road passing through the border. At approximately 23:25, the mission has detected the convoy left Ukraine for the same dirt road.

The mission found a second column, which consisted of an SUV “UAZ” and 6 trucks “KAMAZ”, which was followed in a westerly direction from the border with the Russian Federation on the same dirt road. The OSCE added that later to the second column was joined by 2 of the truck “KAMAZ”, which also moved from the border with Russia.

Also on 7 August, the OSCE recorded temporary camp 2 km from Cheremshyne (Lugansk region). According to them, on-site temporary camp stood 6 armoured reconnaissance sentinel vehicles (BRDM) and 15 trucks of military type (two types of “KAMAZ”, four type “Ural”, two “KrAZ”, six of the “ZIL” and one unidentified model). All the trucks painted green.

The report says that the camp is approximately 1.6 km from the unguarded road (it is blocked by metal gate), which runs through the border with the Russian Federation.

The organization noted that the mission continues to monitor the withdrawal of weapons.

On 2 August the SMM OSCE in the Donbas recorded movement of military equipment on the uncontrolled Ukrainian government territory.

Recall that February 12, 2015 in Minsk was signed document “Complex of measures on implementation of Minsk agreements”. According to the document, in the Donbass should be established a buffer security zone, where no heavy weapons, and the security area should be from 50 to 140 km. the Parties agreed about ceasefire since February 15 and withdrawal of weapons was to begin no later than two days thereafter, and be completed within 14 days. The agreements were not implemented.

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