The owners of the new iPhone X complain of crackling from the speakers: 10 reasons why you should not buy new

Justified the price quality?


From the beginning of official sales of the legendary gadget have a mass appeal buyers “Apple” of new products in points of sales with a request for a refund. Many have complained not only to the defect of the program of face recognition, but also on the trivial inconvenience in operation due to a too “sophisticated” functions. Weeks later, the results of operation of the gadget became even more pitiable. More and more iPhone owners become dissatisfied with X to respond to many shortcomings and global errors in the pathetic super-machine. Our editors decided to compile the top 10 reasons why you should not buy the iPhone X.

The most glaring weakness of the gadget is 92 thousand rubles were displayed on the screen, the vertical stripe is green. Moreover, this “bad fat” rim is almost a few days of using the smartphone. Is the new OLED screen, with the best known color, as bad as this? The hypothesis of a rapid screen burn iPhone X was tragic reality that is not long in coming.

Despite the first major problem, there is another important disadvantage of many, and many – crucial. The fact that the specified temperature in “Apple” the novelty should range from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. Manufacturer guarantee stable operation in this temperature range, but the reality turned out differently. Already at 0 degrees, the touchscreen device has stopped responding to touch. Not hard to guess what awaits our new owner “Apple” in the harsh Russian winter conditions. What other drawbacks and disadvantages of the “device X”?


First, nearly six-inch glass monolith at a cost of 999$ can support only one SIM card. That is, developers of the largest corporations decided that the modern consumer, who is able to spend a thousand bucks on a smartphone will be quite enough of one shots. Experts believe that the developers “Apple” novelties don’t waste this moment.

Secondly, the phone for 92000 rubles there is no standard FM radio, and there is no common function to transfer music via Bluetooth. Instead, the owners of an expensive miracle for animated mimic your facial movements of monkeys.

The first owners of the new items have also complained that the rear window of the gadget so badly soiled by fingerprints, “uncomfortable to watch”. Experts have suggested that developers of iPhone X does not have to complicate their task “comfortable plastic coated.” But that’s not the end of all interesting “innovations”. Built-in memory 256 GB is definitely small for a modern user, but if the user wants to correct the situation by inserting additional GB of memory via microSD, it will remain empty slot simply does not exist. Apple swung for the super exclusivity and innovativeness of its device did not even provide the option of both 3D and VIAR.

To summarize. The device, for which Apple asks such a substantial sum of money, in principle, can not have any obvious drawbacks. It should be perfect when the ratio quality-price. However, it turned out, the iPhone X is not “a failure”. The experts evaluated all the new gadgets of 2017 and came to the conclusion that the most unfortunate smartphones released by LG. First, in the “fatal failure 2017” turned LG G6. As the main disadvantages in this model was completely outdated design, weak processor and battery. In the second place a failure of the rating was the ZTE Blade S6. Price and the functionality of the phone at the proper level, however, the rear panel of ordinary plastic with a 5-inch display – create the appearance of a cheap Chinese knockoff. As in the notorious deuce unsuccessful of gadgets gets back LG, but with the model G4s. Experts have noticed the flaws in a gaudy design and high price.


Now let’s analyze those smartphones which won the love and recognition of customers in 2017. One of the top, as always, be the South Korean Samsung, LG and China’s Huawei and Xiaomi. However, the leading position occupied Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 32Gb. Relatively inexpensive value 10,300 rubles, as well as improved autonomy and performance, along with a new camera module, making it one of the most popular models 2017, competently combining the essential qualities of affordability. One of the most powerful flagships were 5 64GB OnePlus. Its main advantages are: powerful battery of 3300 mAh?h, eight-core processor and excellent durability. The cost of the smartphone “do not hurt the eyes” figure 31 150 rubles. Considering all the significant advantages – the price is fair.


This year, as always, excelled with a series of Samsung Galaxy S8. Proven exceptional quality and availability Samsung this year have been able to please his fans with double the amount of permanent memory, the increased screen size is 80% of the total area of the front panel, so the weight of the gadget is greatly diminished. Screen with a resolution of QHD+ and exclusive shell Samsung Experience 8.1 – all meets the most refined requirements of the most demanding customers.

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