The owners of the opposition bloc lost Rabinovich competition for the most influential opposition politician.

The statement of the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk on the support of the party “For life” means that in the history of the “Opposition bloc” can be closed. About it the political scientist Vlad Malyk wrote on his Facebook page, report “Comments”.

Muluk admits that shortly Vadim Novinsky, who announced the creation of his party, will also join Medvedchuk and Rabinovich.

“Official statement Medvedchuk that it supports the “For life” means that the owners of the “opposition bloc” – Levochkin, Akhmetov, Firtash and others lost Rabinovich competition for the most influential opposition politician,” so Molik commented on the words of Viktor Medvedchuk, who publicly expressed support of the party “For life”.

He also said that the magazine “Correspondent” by the end of 2017 admitted that Medvedchuk is among the top ten most influential Ukrainians (No. 7 in the top 100)

This means that the history of the “Opposition bloc” is finished. Moreover, immediately after Medvedchuk about starting their own political party, said MP Vadim Novinsky (part of the faction “Opposition bloc” in the Verkhovna Rada).

“And now Medvedchuk has officially signaled that it will support “For life” together with Rabinovich and Musaevym, so in the history of the project, the Opposition bloc can be closed. Followed Novinsky said that runs his party – and likely, after a while will team up with “For life”, – the political scientist predicts.

“So the story of “opposition bloc” in its current form is finished. And it’s obvious,” – concluded the political scientist.

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