The painting of 1860 saw the iPhone

The painting of the last century depicted object, similar to a modern smartphone. Some saw in it the iPhone gadget.


On the canvas of the artist Georg Waldmuller noticed the subject in the hands of women, which resembles the iPhone. Considered an unusual fragment of a resident Scotland Peter Russell.

The painting was done in 1860, it was called “Expected”. It shows the girl walking along the path past the trees and looked at the dark object of a small size, which she holds in her hands. Russell believes that this is very similar to modern humans, not letting their grip on their mobile phones. The former civil servant from Glasgow and were amazed at how technology is changing the perception of the picture and have an impact on the context.

Skeptics said that, in reality, the canvas depicts a girl. hurrying into a Christian Church and she holds in her hands not an iPhone, and a small prayer book.