The Parliament adopted the law on equal rights of women and men while serving in the Armed forces

Парламент принял закон о равных правах женщин и мужчин во время службы в Вооруженных силах

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill number 6109 on equal rights and opportunities of women and men during military service in the armed forces. Voted 247 deputies.

If applicable law prohibits the appointment of women in daily outfits, this bill establishes that in a daily outfit appointed by the military – however, in compliance with the legislation on the protection of motherhood and childhood. This statement explained that article 24 of the Constitution, according to which equality between women and men is ensured, in particular, with the creation of conditions for combining work with motherhood as well as including the provision of paid leave and other benefits for pregnant women and mothers.

The military service act provided that women perform military duty on an equal footing with men (with the exception of cases stipulated by the legislation on the protection of motherhood and childhood, and also with the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of sex), which includes the adoption contract and conscription, military service, service in the military reserve, the military duties in the reserve compliance with the rules of the military account.

Withdrawn mention of the age limit of the service for women from 18 to 40 years as on call and on contract.

Also lifted restrictions of the possibility to pass military service under the contract those officers. Under current law, women have this right only to 40 years, according to the bill – before reaching the age limit of stay on military service military officers.

Repealed restrictions regarding the service of women in military reserve. From passing the fees do not intend to make all female soldiers, but only pregnant women.

The law will come into force ten days after its official publication.

Note, under current law women can serve under the contract from 18 to 40 years, and over the next 10 years, in contrast to men, are deprived of such opportunities. Women liable for military service are enlisted to the reserve of the second category, the age limit there is 50 years. And women do not consider their assigned military rank (men consider). This leads to the fact that all women, regardless of the title transferred into retirement at the same age.

In addition, the maximum age of stay in stock for men the higher officers to 65 years. As a result, men may serve in the reserve for 15 years longer than women, so women are denied the opportunity to obtain the next rank, and further – and potentially higher pension. Women are denied the right to belong to the military reserve of the first category in the case of receiving a military occupational specialty; for men this is available.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada supported the draft law in principle in December 2017 230 votes of people’s deputies.

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