The Parliament agreed on economic cooperation of Ukraine with Turkey, Portugal and Thailand

Парламент согласовал экономическое сотрудничество Украины с Турцией, Португалией и Таиландом

The Verkhovna Rada ratified an agreement with Turkey on mutual protection of investments with Portugal on economic cooperation and trade agreement with Thailand.

Online broadcast of the morning plenary session led official channel “Rada”.

Deputies 244 votes supported the draft law # 0183 ratification of agreement with Turkey on the reciprocal promotion and protection of investments.

It is expected that the agreement will contribute to attracting foreign investment and technologies, intensification of foreign trade, reduce non-commercial risks to foreign investors. The agreement States that each party allow the territory of the state investments on terms no less favourable than those which it grants in like situations to investments of nationals of other States. In addition, the parties agreed to promote the investment of the partner States.

Note the agreement with Turkey was signed on 9 October 2017 in Kiev. It will enter into force after the parties complete the internal procedures and notify each other about it.

The Parliament ratified the agreement with Portugal on economic cooperation. For the bill № 0187 voted 228 deputies.

It is expected that the agreement will promote the development of perspective directions of international economic cooperation, attract foreign investment and technology, the revitalization of the foreign trade turnover between Ukraine and Portuguese Republic.

Monitoring the implementation of the said agreement and also the responsibility for coordinating economic cooperation and identifying areas of cooperation lies on the joint Commission on economic cooperation, which was established in accordance with article 8 of the Agreement on friendship and cooperation between Ukraine and Portugal, signed at Lisbon on 25 October 2000.

The agreement will enter into force one month after States shall notify each other of the completion of necessary domestic procedures.

Rada adopted the bill № 0170 ratifying Trade agreements with Thailand. Voted 241 MP.

An agreement should be the legal basis for the development of bilateral economic and trade relations and activation of business circles of both countries through the establishment of joint enterprises, exchange of visits of delegations and businessmen, holding trade fairs, exhibitions, exchange of information.

The agreement was signed on 5 June 2017 in Bangkok. It will enter into force after the parties notify each other of completion of domestic procedures.

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