The Parliament enacted a new excise tax rates on imported cars from abroad

Парламент ввел новые ставки акцизного налога на ввоз автомобилей из-за границы

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading and in whole draft law No. 8487, which introduces a new principle of calculation of excise tax rates on import of cars from abroad.

An online broadcast of the led channel “112 Ukraine”.

The document was presented by the head of the profile Committee, the people’s Deputy from BPP Nina Southerner.

“By results of consideration of the second reading of the Committee as a whole left adopted the first reading of the taxation model, and supported such proposals for the differentiation of the base rate for petrol cars with a cylinder capacity up to 3 thousand cubic cm and more than 3 thousand, and for diesel cars with cylinder capacity up to 3.5 thousand, and in excess of this amount. For large and expensive cars, we raised the basic rate from 50 up to 100 Euro for petrol engines, for diesel from 75 to 150 euros,” said the Southerner.

She added that in the formula has set a limit on the ratio of the age of the car: “If the vehicle 16, 18, 20 years, limiting age – 15”.

Парламент ввел новые ставки акцизного налога на ввоз автомобилей из-за границы

The tax rate for cars, which is equipped exclusively with the electric motor, is set at 1 Euro per 1 kW/h capacity electric battery of the vehicle. The tax rate for transport, which is driven only by the electric motor, one or more, is set at 100 Euro for 1 piece.

In the transitional provisions provided for a grace period of three months from the date of entry into force of this law, when you can clear of the vehicle, paying half the excise tax. Such rules apply only to cases where one person brings in one car for their own use.

“We suggested a compromise solution on the release from liability for violation of tax norms and customs rules regarding compliance with the terms and conditions of customs regimes of temporary import transit for persons that the conditions of the temporary order of customs registration of cars, paying for this in third person fine in the amount of 8 500 UAH to the state budget to close the transit mode and go to the registration of the car in import mode” – added Nina Southerner.

Under the bill, exempt from tax the import into Ukraine and sale of bodies for cars if of them are made passenger cars (excluding buses and minibuses).

The law will enter into force on the day following its official publication, but not earlier, than will begin to act the law on penalties for Arustamian car.

The Cabinet instructed to register in the Parliament a proposal on the direction of the pension money received from the customs clearance of cars imported to Ukraine since the beginning of 2015.

Recall, 13 July 2018, in the last plenary day of the last session of Parliament, MPs supported the basis for two bills that should solve the problem of uncleared cars with Euronorm in Ukraine. One of them proposes to introduce a new excise tax rates, the second is to increase the penalties for violations in the import of cars into Ukraine.

Since then, bills have been finalized for the second reading.

Meanwhile, on 22 October it became known that the Supreme court overturned the decision on the penalty for using a car with Euronorm, having considered the cassation claim of the individual to the customs for cancellation of which the plaintiff was convicted of committing a violation of customs regulations and fined 8, 5 thousand UAH. After some time in the Fiscal service stated that the use of uncleared vehicles is a violation of the law, in spite of such a precedent.

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