The Parliament has simplified the procedure of construction control for wind energy

Парламент упростил процедуры строительного контроля для объектов ветрогенерации

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill No. 8015, according to which the objects of wind energy can be attributed to the minor impact class CC1 with the positive conclusion of the authorized body for the assessment of the impact on the environment. Voted 256 deputies.

Online broadcast of the plenary session of the Parliament has led official channel “Rada”.

“This law is intended to make investment attractive, renewable electricity, primarily microgeneration and solar generation. The law proposes to exclude as a criterion for assigning objects to the SS1 amount of own loss on investor. The essence of this amendment is that it is the sole risk of the investor and the state is responsible for this”, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on construction, urban development and housing and communal services Dmitry Andrievsky.

We will note, now in the law on regulation of urban development indicated that the minor impact class CC1 cannot be attributed to object if in the event of termination of its use level of losses will be from 2500 salaries. The Parliament adopted the law requires clarification that the calculation does not include losses to building owners, if not attracted by the state or local budgets, the credit funds under state guarantees, state and municipal enterprises, budget institutions.

In addition, the law eliminates the mandatory classification as CC2 of wind energy facilities that fall under the assessment of the impact on the environment subject to confirmation by the examination of the account of results of assessment of impact on the environment.

“So we definitely control the impact on the environment, but provide an opportunity to build renewable power generation under the simplified procedure, CC1 (low impact). The objects of wind energy can be assigned to CC1 only, provided that all other criteria corresponds to CC1, that is automatically vetrogeneratory to CC1 does not apply”, – said Dmitry Andrievsky.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada supported the bill based on 233 votes of people’s deputies in April of this year.

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