The Parliament increased the fines for uncleared cars with Euronorm

Парламент повысил штрафы за нерастаможенные авто с еврономерами

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading and in whole draft law No. 8488, which provides for increased fines for uncleared cars. Voted 245 deputies.

The online broadcast is the TV channel “Rada”.

The document was presented by the head of the profile Committee, the representative “Block Poroshenko” Nina Southerner.

“The second part of this law is really raising existing fines of up to more significant amounts, and eliminate the rule that allowed to break all the time during the year, the customs regulations and to be brought only once to liability in the amount of 8500. Large fines are designed to avoid such violations that are currently observed in the country,” said the Southerner.

In Adminkodeks provided that driving that violation imported into Ukraine in transit will result in a fine of 8500 UAH, and repeated violation during the year – 17 thousand UAH, with deprivation of the right of management for one year with a paid auto removal.

Fine 34 thousand UAH is provided for the transfer machine, which was imported to Ukraine in transit. Sanctions will not, if the transport is the person who imported the car into the territory of the state.

If the car was brought to the authorities of revenues and duties is late to a day – expected a warning or a fine of 170 UAH (it is given 5 days in case of moving in the area of one customs office or 10 days). At repeated infringement within a year or delay for up to 10 days – a fine of 3400 UAH. A delay of up to 20 days or loss of documents in the car or being late to provide them up to 10 days – 8500 UAH.

In case of delay with delivery to the bodies of income and charges of transport for commercial use for more than 20 days, the loss of a car or its results without official permission – entails a fine of 1700 UAH.

A fine of 85 thousand UAH will result in a delay to the bodies of income and charges of a personal or commercial vehicle for a period of 20 to 30 days. If the period of delay more than a month, the transport was lost or disassembled – it provides a fine of 170 thousand UAH, or confiscation of transport.

Another set of penalties provided for cases where you have exceeded the period of temporary import of personal or commercial auto.

If the car was illegally stay in Ukraine for up to 3 days – a warning or a fine of 850 UAH. Repeated violation during the year, exceeding the period for temporary import into Ukraine a car for up to 10 days provides for a fine of 5100 UAH.

Exceeding the term of temporary import of personal or commercial auto or export of goods, except personal vehicles, – provides for sanctions in the form of a fine of 17 thousand UAH.

The delay in the import or export of goods, except personal cars, more than 20 days, – entails a fine in the amount of 34 thousand UAH.

Exceeding the period of temporary importation of personal or commercial vehicles in Ukraine for a period from 20 to 30 days provides for a fine in the amount of 85 thousand UAH. A delay of more than 30 days, the loss or re-personal or commercial vehicles will entail a fine of UAH 170 thousand or confiscation of the car.

Doing all these violations will be considered by bodies of income and fees.

Provides that within 180 days from the date of entry into force of this law, the customs clearance of passenger cars on avtonomera imported since the beginning of 2015, is carried out according to the interim order, which is endorsed by the government. However, in order to clear the machine, you will need to pay a fine of 8500 UAH.

Most of the law will come into force on the day following its official publication.

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