The Parliament re-adopted the proposals of the President act on a single window at customs

Парламент повторно принял с предложениями президента закон о едином окне на таможне

The Verkhovna Rada re-considering proposals of the President issued law No. 7010, which provides for the introduction of “single window” at customs. Voted 254 deputies. Online broadcast of the session of the Parliament has led official channel “Rada”.

Earlier, the President vetoed two rules that took special cars for transportation of grain to the technique, the acquisition of which the agricultural producers receive government support. The relevant provisions are excluded.

The head of the tax Committee, the people’s Deputy from BPP Nina Southerner announced a separate solution to the situation with the grain.

“Yesterday, regarding the President’s veto at a meeting of the Committee, agreed that it would be collected the General meeting with representatives of the Verkhovna Rada, with our colleagues and with the Ministry of Finance to understand how to solve the problem that we’re having in the Ukraine with the grain. I hope that we will find a solution to display it in the budget proposals and will find ways of resolving the issue,” said Nina Southerner.

She stressed that the President vetoed items were not related to changes in the Customs code.

The main essence of the adopted law is to simplify the procedures for customs clearance of goods. In particular, the authorities that have issued permits for custom clearance, undertake to pay them electronically into the state information system “Single window for international trade”. We are talking about the phytosanitary, veterinarians, environmentalists, radiologists and other controllers. For its part, the bodies of income and fees will not be able to demand from the declarant documents in paper form if, under the law they should be in the “single window”. (In the wording “customs authorities” was replaced with “bodies of income and fees”).

Customs removed radiological control, which is now carried out by ecologists. Representatives of the environmental services will be called only when the mobile device border will show an excess of background radiation.

Thus, at customs will be only customs and border guards. They will pre-inspect the goods and two hours to decide whether to ignore them or call the relevant experts. In the case of a call, the experts should arrive immediately and also two hours to make a decision, skip the product, to prevent skipping or to appoint inspecting/sampling/additional processing.

Data of any kind taken against goods decisions are made in the information system “single window”.

Under the bill, the automated risk management system (ASUR) is part of a unified automated information system of bodies of income and fees. This should eliminate the inability to control and different approaches to the determination of the customs value of the goods at different points.

When temporary export from Ukraine of cultural values will need to provide documents authorizing it.

Programmers special forces of the State fiscal service is expected to set a higher wage, calculated as of 2018: leading specialist – 35 thousand UAH, the chief specialist – 38.7 thousand UAH, Deputy head – 42 thousand UAH, to the head of division 44 thousand UAH.

In addition, the bill implementeret in the Ukrainian legislation of the provisions of the Convention on common transit NCTS.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted this law this year, 254 votes of people’s deputies. After some time the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko put a veto on this document.

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