The Parliament refused to pass the guards responsibility to verify the radiological background checkpoints

Парламент отказался передать пограничникам обязанность проверять радиологический фон в пунктах пропуска

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine rejected the bill No. 7302, which was to pass the border guards to conduct radiological control at checkpoints without stopping the transport.

According to the explanatory note, the document is aimed at reducing the number of controlling bodies at the border.

The bill provides that the border guards will be required to carry out radiological control at checkpoints, using the complexes of automated control and not stopping people or vehicles. Only if the background radiation is exceeded, the employees of frontier service shall not allow the goods into the territory of Ukraine.

The bill had to be considered together with the draft law No. 7303, which contains amendments to the Customs code for this reason.

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