The Parliament supported the bill on mine action in Ukraine

Парламент поддержал за основу законопроект о противоминной деятельности в Украине

The Verkhovna Rada supported the bill number 9080-1 on mine action in Ukraine. Voted for 240 MPs.

Online broadcast of plenary session of Parliament has led official channel “Rada”.

The bill provides for the establishment of a system of bodies that will plan, coordinate, execute mine action, to allow or to forbid it to do certain companies and then check the quality of work.

Planning to join the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers – the Parliament will approve nutsprogramme mine action for 5 years (on presentation of the government). The Cabinet will adopt the national standards in the field of mine action, as well as a list of supposedly polluted and contaminated with UXO areas. These data are intended to contribute to the unified state register survey, identify and clean areas, disposal/destruction of explosive objects.

Nazarhan on mine action activities will coordinate the activities of all other agencies that will join the work in this area; to inform the public about the extent of contamination of territories and to cooperate with partners of Ukraine at the international level. The composition of this body shall be the Commission which will accredit companies involved in mine action.

In addition, the creation of centre for mine action operations, including to control the quality of the work performed. So, in the centre, will be on quality control of mine action. The Secretariat will provide the centre’s activities.

It is assumed that the center of mine action through public procurement to choose the company which will be engaged in mine clearing of territories. And the public has the right to control the use made of budgetary funds (with the exception of state secrets, and the act on the reintegration of Donbass).

Operators of the mine will be able to carry out such activities:

  • the clearance – detection, neutralization, destruction and transportation of explosive subjects;
  • training people to counter the risks associated with explosives;
  • propaganda against the use of explosive subjects;
  • destruction and disposal of mines, unfit for further use and storage;
  • providing medical assistance to the victims, medical/vocational rehabilitation;
  • training, retraining and advanced training of specialists in the field of mine action and demining.

To do any of that, the company will have to obtain a license. The government, for its part, plans to conduct a roster of mine action operators – enterprises, which received a license or been deprived of it (it will deal with the Secretariat of the centre mine action).

License is only a permit to mine, and not a guarantee of work. And this permission will enable the company to take part in public procurement. Because the bill requires the center of mine action in the only way to choose the company that will demine areas in the East.

Deminers expect to be required to insure his life and health. It is assumed that the minimum insurance amount under the contract will amount to 1 thousand minimum wages (as of the current year is 3 million 723 thousand UAH).

Mine clearance is going to conduct at the expense of state funds, grants, other international returnable or non-refundable assistance. In addition, instead of direct funding donors can provide expertise, equipment, materials or tools.

While in Ukraine will not create uniform national standards in the field of mine action, will be guided by international standards.

We will remind, the bill was registered in Parliament on September 19. One of the authors of the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko, said the need to take it in the Parliament before the end of the current session.

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