The Parliament supported the criminalization of illegal crossing of the state border for the Russians

Парламент поддержал криминализацию незаконного пересечения госграницы для россиян

The Verkhovna Rada endorsed the draft law No. 7017, which provides for the introduction of criminal liability for illegal crossing of the state border by citizens of the aggressor country. Voted 241 MP.

Online broadcast of the plenary meeting led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The bill provides for the punishment of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 3 years for illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine by the Russians (or persons with another nationality in favor of Russia). In particular, we are talking about getting into the territory of Ukraine outside check points without necessary documents or with documents containing false information.

If such violation is committed repeatedly or by a group of persons, liability is imprisonment from 3 to 5 years.

The most severe punishment provided for the violation described with the use of weapons – imprisonment up to 8 years.

Co-author of the bill, representatives of the President in Parliament Iryna Lutsenko told how the bill plan to finalize in preparation for the second reading.

“Flag will be set, which is already used in the related article of the criminal code which regulates issues of violation of the order of entry in the temporarily occupied territory. The following: a criminal offence will be considered as illegal crossing of the state border, committed with the intention of causing harm to the interests of the state. Will the criminalization of border crossing for persons who are banned entry to the territory of Ukraine, and also persons who are representatives of power structures of the state-an aggressor”, – said Lutsenko.

According to her, planning to write, what to investigate such violations will be the security Service of Ukraine.

“In addition, we will consider the proposal of the representatives of the “Batkivshchyna” that criminalized is also a crime, when will illegally cross the line of demarcation,” – said co-author of the document.

Earlier, the Parliament increased the fines for illegal border crossing. From 29 April 2018 cross the border out of the checkpoint or forged documents subject to a fine from 3,400 to 8,500 hryvnias. Repeated violation during the year or a group of people – 8500-13 600 UAH. Deliberate entry into Ukraine by a foreigner despite the ban provides for a penalty from 1700 to 5100 UAH.

Violation of the order of entry in the temporarily occupied territory – 3400-5100 UAH; re a group of persons or in the course of the year – to 8500 UAH. But these penalties can apply only within three months from the date of discovery of the violation and not later than one year from the date of Commission.

Note that currently the entry of aliens into the territory temporarily annexed Crimea, approved by Cabinet decree № 722 dated September 16, 2015. According to the document, foreign journalists should coordinate the visit to the Peninsula with the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine, and human rights defenders and representatives of international non-governmental organizations – Ministry of foreign Affairs.

In addition, the list of grounds on which foreign nationals can obtain permission to enter the Crimea, has included preaching religious beliefs, performing religious rites or satisfaction of religious needs (exclusively at the request or with the agreement of the Ministry of culture), as well as participation in the activities of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people.

At the moment the only legal way to visit the Crimea – from Ukraine.

However, the approved rules criticized, because foreigners can’t issue the permit or to apply for entry into the territory of the annexed Crimea from outside of Ukraine. To obtain permission they must go to Ukraine and apply for.

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