The Parliament this autumn should make the law on language, – paruby

Парламент этой осенью должен принять закон о языке, - Парубий

The Verkhovna Rada in the fall must take the defense bills, the Electoral code and the law on language. This position was expressed by the Chairman of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy during the meeting of the conciliation Board are lying, the broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The most important for us is the security issue. I want to remind you that we’re at the end of the previous session passed the law on national security that provides for the implementation and the adoption of several subsequent laws. Among them the law on the security service, the law on intelligence bodies, the law on the state defence order, and, let me remind you, this is our obligation, act of a separate parliamentary Committee, which would implement the parliamentary control over the security sector over the intelligence agencies,” said Andrei paruby.

He stressed the importance of information security.

“I spoke with the head of the Committee Victoria syumar to the proposals on information security, because if we are not able to protect their internal information space, it will be difficult to talk about protection from external aggression. And, unfortunately, this summer, I can say that internally the information space were attacked, including by people who openly work for the aggressor,” – said the speaker of Parliament.

Andriy Parubiy expressed hope that the draft state budget for 2019 will be registered in time (before 15 September) and MPs will have time to discuss before making as a whole.

“The important part is selective. We are starting the election year, it will be important this fall, we finish the issues of formation of the CEC. And remind them of the Electoral code, the biggest bill on the number of edits. I had a conversation with the head of the working group Chernenko and I urged him to expedite the consideration of amendments that we were able to enter into the consideration of the Electoral code, realizing how bulky and can take two weeks, but we have this fall to go and examine the Electoral code,” – said the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

In addition, he expressed the belief that the Parliament should decide about the language issue.

“Also, I believe, this fall, at this session we should consider the law on language. After the constitutional court overturned the law Kolesnichenko-Kivalov created a legislative vacuum that we must fill. There was 5 bills, most of them already considered by the Committee, and I called the previous spring, to the faction held a discussion and we could go on a single agreed draft law”, – said Parubiy.

According to him, in the autumn of Rada will consider the bills necessary for the European integration and implementation of the Association agreement with the European Union.

“And, of course, changes to the Constitution. Let me remind you that the constitutional court gave its decision on the two draft laws on immunity, and we have these two bills to consider and take action on them. Remember, at that session, the decision must be adopted by 226 votes, and the next is 300 votes, but we also this question needs to consider this fall”, – concluded the speaker of Parliament.

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