The parliamentary VSK will not be subject until completion of the investigation due to secrecy of the investigation.

У парламентской ВСК не будет предмета работы до завершения расследования из-за тайны следствия, - Луценко

At the parliamentary temporary investigation Commission will not be subject until completion of the investigation due to secrecy of the investigation. This position was expressed by the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, the broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I understand that the temporary investigative Commission is a tool of the Parliament, but no idea what to do with VSK pending investigation. It is clear that she will not even be the subject of work, because any information of the investigation are a secret trial, and the Prosecutor won’t allow it – especially after yesterday’s leak – to any member of the FAC to any document of the investigation,” – said Yuri Lutsenko.

He condemned the leak to the media about the possibility of ordering the attack on social activist Catherine Gandzyuk.

“Yesterday, as a result of the actions of those who want revenge, not the investigation action investigation, one of the versions leaked to the media. Again I say, 12 people, which we are developing to the involvement of the order in connection with yesterday’s leak, got the information they need. … Vcherashniya leak on one of the 12 versions of the investigation undermined the success of the investigation”, – said the Prosecutor General.

He expressed doubt that the initiators of the FAC seek the results of the investigation of attacks on public figures, “because the organizers of this FAC is not the desired result, they need a PR for power struggle”.

The resignation of Lutsenko, according to him, should be proof that “no one is clinging to power,” and added that submits the respective application to the President Petro Poroshenko.

Recall, November 4, 2018 34-m to year of life has died the adviser of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk, which was doused with sulphuric acid in July of this year. According to preliminary information, the cause of death was breakage of the clot. After some time, became known to the official cause of death public figure, multiple organ failure, and chemical burns 30-39% body.

Earlier it was reported that the police had completed all the necessary investigative actions in the framework of its powers and the decision of the General Prosecutor’s office sent the case to the Central investigation Department of the security Service of Ukraine.

In Gandzyuk was questioned 367 people, appointed and held 21 examination. The police expect that the detained organizers of the attack on Gandzyuk will further testify about customers of a crime. According to Yuri Lutsenko, the consequence suspects of participation in order Gandzyuk 12 people.

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