The party For freedom leader among the other political forces in Kharkov and Odessa – poll

The party “For life” is the leader among the political forces. These are the results of research conducted in Lviv, Odessa and Kharkov, the Ukrainian Institute of social studies named after Yaremenko. Ukrainians asked whom they would choose, if elections to the Verkhovna Rada were held next Sunday?

“The party “For life” would be the unanimous leader in Odessa, 26% chose this answer. Next, in second place with almost 18% is for the party “Opposition bloc”, then in the city of Odessa is a political power of the “Fatherland” with the rate of 16% and “Self-help” with the rate of 11%,” said Olga Balakireva, chair of the Board WISI named after Olexander Yaremenko.

In Kharkiv, the situation with the preferences of Ukrainians to political forces alike. Besides, said Yuri the Ranger, the party, the Opposition bloc is losing ground among voters.

“The party “For life” are largely selected by the electorate, especially in recent times, the “Opposition bloc”. The prospect of a set of electoral fields of the party “For life” is much higher. It is almost twice higher than that of the “Opposition bloc”.All Ukrainians are unified in that they are ready to see new leaders, new faces, new brands. In this respect, the new party they are ahead”, – said Yuriy Lesnichiy, Director of the Institute of analysis and forecasting.

Another survey conducted by the Belgian-Ukrainian scientific-research Institute. It showed the lowest anti-rating of Vadim Rabinovich. He is ahead of Yuriy Boyko twice. That Is, Rabinovich has the lowest level of antipathy among the population.

Партия За життя лидирует среди других политических сил в Харькове и Одессе, - опрос

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