The party For life will join not only the winner but also the other participants of the show Candidate

To the party “For life” will join not only the winner Irina Maister, but other participants of the show “Candidate”, as it became known from the statement of the party leader Vadim Rabinovich.

One of the leading project Anna Stepner noted that the experiment of political relity show was very successful. “These people are really ready for the political struggle. What it will be and how successful depends first and foremost on them. At least, those first lessons of struggle and competition, they have already passed,” – said a member of the party “For freedom” Viktor Medvedchuk.

The participants of the show Victoria Sobolev and Artem Kukharenko said that the project was largely changed their idea about politics, and about the work of MPs, and about our own capabilities.

Vadim Rabinovich does not exclude that the end of the first season of the show “Candidate” will not cease its existence, and in the future will the second season of the project.

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