The people’s Deputy from Batkivshchyna predicts 226 votes for the bill Poroshenko on the Euro-Atlantic aspirations

Нардеп от Батькивщины прогнозирует 226 голосов для законопроекта Порошенко о евроатлантических стремлениях

MP from the faction “Batkivschyna” Ivan krulko predicts a majority in Parliament – 226 votes for the bill No. 9037 Petro Poroshenko on the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine. About this Krulko said in the talk show “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The President has submitted a bill on amendments to the Constitution. What is it? It is obvious that this story might gain in the Parliament, I predict, 226 votes in the first reading. But why is the President making this now and not four years ago? Because it’s opportunistic history before the election of the President. There is nothing to tell the community, no success,” said Krulko.

According to him, “Batkivshchyna” will vote for the strategic course of Ukraine to the EU, but specifically this bill needs to be finalised.

He also added that now the Ukrainians are massively go abroad.

“When the Ukrainian young people are voting with their feet about what is happening in the country and massively go abroad when we have a moratorium on timber, and I returned from Volyn – every second car that goes in the direction of Poland, carries timber in the form of “firewood”… Ukraine was robbed, take out all the resources they can,” said Krulko.

As reported, the draft law Poroshenko was registered in the Parliament on Monday, September 3. The text is published on the Council website.

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