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The “pilot stars”, Normand Dubé, has been sentenced on the 10th December last, to seven years in prison for having caused the largest power outage ever in the province.

This is the incredible legal saga around the character profile that is Normand Dubé as being reconstituted, with plenty of information, testimonials (Dubé himself, lawyers, journalists, friends, management of Hydro-Québec) and extracts from the archives, the first major report of the Bureau of investigation, Quebecor intended for Club illico. The news report The driver of the stars is directed by the journalist Marie-Christine Noël, and by the director Ninon Pednault.

Here is the trailer of the documentary:


► The one-hour program is available for viewing now if you are a member of the Club illico.

She tells the story of “the case of Normand Dubé”, since the blackout caused by the man on a high voltage line from his plane, December 4, 2014 until his conviction. This crime has plunged to 180 000 homes in Quebec in the black and cost $ 30 million to Hydro-Quebec.

The one-hour program, which devours as a thriller, plays constantly on the thin line that separates the overwhelming evidence existing against Dubé and the version of the latter, who claims to still his innocence, and who will go elsewhere in the call.

“On the one hand, people say that this guy is smart enough to have done it. On the other, other people argue that it is impossible to have it done like that. Even to this day, the people around him are still facing issues,” said Marie-Christine Christmas.

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“Even if it gives a lot of information, there is still a large area of shadow that remains. It does not resolve everything at the end,” said Ninon Pednault.

In The pilot of the stars, exhibiting with accuracy the personality explosive driver, as well as many twists and turns that have punctuated his time in court, as the controversy involving a witness is being expressed under hypnosis and the suicide of another main witness on the first day of the trial.

► Marie-Christine Noël has been received on the set of Denis Levesque to present his report.


Behind closed doors

For The pilot of the stars, Marie-Christine Christmas has peeled carefully the 4000 pages of documents in court that were transcribed, two-sided, exchanges with the trial of Normand Dubé.

“I read everything, specifies-t-it. Nothing eluded me.”

“It has elements that are never released elsewhere, because we took the time to dissect,” said Ninon Pednault.

Ninon Pednault reporter and video journalist Marie-Christine Christmas.

A lawyer for Quebecor has had to ask to have access to these writings, in the grounds of public interest and the right to information.

“It’s still cost $ 30 million, notes Marie-Christine Christmas. If it cost $ 30 million to Hydro-Quebec, it will be the taxpayers who pay…”

However, several of those pages were redacted, sometimes in full, because the information they contained – and that will remain secret forever, could compromise national security.

It is for this reason that the trial of Normand Dubé was held behind closed doors, which has complicated the work of journalists in their coverage of the trial. This is what makes say to the two creators of the story they had to tell a story “where there is a lack full of tips”.

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“It happened often that I am moved to Saint-Jérôme, and, after four minutes, I was asked to get out of the room, tells Marie-Christine Christmas. There was a lot of behind closed doors, orders of non-publication, certificates of national security.”

  • LISTEN to the interview with reporter Marie-Christine-Christmas show Dutrizac, from 6 to 9 on QUB radio :

Thus, for the film, the journalist has developed a lexicon detailed, approved by legal counsel, to determine what words could be pronounced, or not.

“We don’t want anything to sabotage, provides Marie-Christine Christmas. We want to show what happened in court, what we are able to say to the public, what Normand Dubé lives, what the people around him live since he was arrested, and how Hydro-Quebec has had to manage this situation.”

“This is not anything, it is passed next to the “blackout”, a failure of the legislature. A line over, and there it was! Damage of $ 30 million, we never saw that.”

Character boiling

Throughout the video, Normand Dubé provides his point of view with the help of his colorful language. The specialist in aviation has never hesitated to work with Marie-Christine Christmas and Ninon Pednault, swear these last.

“It doesn’t happen often, in such a project, that person is targeted in a lawsuit agrees to talk to us as much, during a one-year judicial saga, observes Marie-Christine Christmas. It was always there, always available.”

“This is why it is called the “pilot stars”. He loves the kodaks. He has never been afraid…”

The driver in the company’s Bruni Surin

The two journalists did not, however, ever sought to glorify Dubé through their account.

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“No one has ever said that it was going to make his apology, says Ninon Pednault. We put our cards on the table. Even he was aware.”

“You see his character boiling,” notes Marie-Christine Christmas.

  •  The driver of the stars has a duration of 60 minutes and is now online on Club illico.