The plan of the Parliament for a week: Intellectual property, the establishment of the business Ombudsman and the strengthening of social protection of servicemen

План работы парламента на неделю: Интеллектуальная собственность, учреждение бизнес-омбудсмена и усиление соцзащиты военнослужащих

The Ukrainian Parliament goes with summer holidays and the current week – for the first plenary of people’s deputies. They plan to consider a number of issues from national security unit, the number of ratifications, as well as to establish the institution of Ombudsman. This is evidenced by the plan of the Parliament on 4-7 September, published on the Parliament website.

On Tuesday, September 4, will be the Grand opening of the ninth session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation – traditionally in the hall under the dome will hear the anthem of Ukraine.

Directly recruited members will start with the consideration of the draft agenda of the session. Although the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy said that two committees have not yet submitted their proposals, therefore, the Parliament cannot approve the whole plan works – except that for a week.

Next plans are a set of issues of intellectual property, in particular in the second reading – about publishing data about the results of control marks. Also during the second reading intend to consider the issue of cross-border cooperation, but also – in terms of investment attractiveness for the construction of renewable energy facilities.

Deputies intend to schedule a number of parliamentary hearings in autumn and winter.

Parliament plans to pay attention to the regulation of the State Bureau of investigation (we are talking about the bill in the second reading).

Wednesday, September 5, deputies will make the decision to conduct a nationwide relay of unity 22 January 2019 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the act of Reunification Ukrainian people’s Republic and Western Ukrainian people’s Republic.

Then – the question of ratifications.

Thus, the Verkhovna Rada plans to ratify the agreement with Turkey on mutual protection of investments with Portugal on economic cooperation with Switzerland and Moldova – on the readmission of persons. on the agenda – ratification of the financial agreement with the European investment Bank (EIB).

According to Parubiy, the vote on the draft law on the establishment of the business Ombudsman in the second reading will take place on Thursday.

“It is also planned as one of the basic laws – the law on the business Ombudsman, proposed to start reviewing them on Wednesday and finish on Thursday,” – said the speaker of the Parliament during the conciliation Council of lying.

In the afternoon, the deputies will work in committees, factions and groups.

On Thursday, September 6, scheduled bills from a block of national security and defence, in particular improving social protection of military personnel and the equal rights of women and men in the Mat – both in the second reading. Hereinafter ratification.

“We have a big debt on ratification. I propose that we not only Wednesday, but Thursday to consider the laws on ratification that we have accumulated more than 20, and it is important that we could at least part of our international obligation to do this week”, – said Parubiy during the meeting of the conciliation Board.

We are talking about ratification of the agreement with the United States to apply the provisions of US law “On tax requirements for foreign accounts” (FATCA) and changes to the legislation in this regard. In addition, the Parliament intends to consider ratification of the agreements with Germany and Switzerland on the family and the accompanying employees of diplomatic missions and consular posts. One more ratification to trade agreements with Thailand.

Also in the work plan there are a number of bills in the first reading. Among them, the draft amendments to the criminal code concerning responsibility for illegal crossing of the state border; on violations of traffic safety and sanctions for it.

The deputies will consider the initiative on prolongation of the moratorium on changing the target purpose of recreational lands in cities and other settlements.

The Verkhovna Rada intends to consider several draft laws on radioactive waste management, as well as to appoint separate deputies in the parliamentary committees.

On Friday, September 7, will be held an Hour of questions to the government. The work plan is a bill about improving sports skills of young people and one draft decision.

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