The plane Ural airlines returned to Pulkovo airport due to a problem

This morning, December 7, the plane “Ural airlines” was heading from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. After some time, the Board urgently returned to Pulkovo. This was informed in the press service of “Ural airlines”.


After 17 minutes after the start of the flight awasuno “Ural airlines” suddenly interrupted flight. The aircraft was sent from the Northern capital to Vladivostok via Yekaterinburg, but the captain of the ship was forced to return to the place of departure. The official report States that the fault was discovered by the head of the crew almost immediately after the start of the maneuvers: one of the systems of the indication of speed showed unstable readings. It was decided again to land at Pulkovo.

In an official statement “the Ural airlines” have informed that anybody from passengers has not suffered. The company apologized to customers and provided them with a backup plane.