The plant Crimean Titan did not stop working, despite reports of its stop, – the head of the Kherson regional state administration

Завод Крымский титан не прекращал работу, несмотря на сообщения о его остановке, - глава Херсонской ОГА

The plant “Crimean Titan”, which became a source of chemical emissions in occupied Crimea, not really stopped, it continues to work. This was stated by the head of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev in the air “112 Ukraine”.

“The plant is not closed, it works. Yesterday we were there with a Ministerial Commission reviewing kislotostabilen, which indicated that he had a cause. As a result, 99 % we are sure that it is still emissions from existing enterprise “Titan” and not from the acid of the drive from “Titan” is 43 miles and to the East,” he said.

He also said that there had been inspections of more than 800 children, 16 of which were transferred for examination to the regional hospital.

Emissions keep going, Gordeyev said, referring to the information of local residents, who went to CVN.

“People who go out on CVN talk in General, then the situation is really serious, the emissions do not stop, continue, night this is especially well seen. In the people in the houses are rapidly oxidized metal objects, rust. People feel bad – vomiting, nausea. Symptoms of acid poisoning,” he said.

At the moment, round the clock monitoring of air, is the control of the excess of acids in the atmosphere.

“We have 6 settlements fall under the near influence of the plant “Titan”, is Chaplinka and Kalanchak areas. In the case that confirmed the need for closure of kindergartens, schools, we do it quickly, we are ready, but are waiting for the final results – somewhere on Monday,” – said Gordeev.

We will remind, in the town of Armyansk in the North annexed the Crimea there was an emission into the atmosphere of substances of unknown origin. On metal objects, rooftops, on the leaves of the trees formed oily coating having a yellowish tint. First, the representatives of the occupation authorities did not recognize the problem, but on 4 September, “Crimean government” for the first time stated that the maximum permissible concentration of sulfur dioxide in Armyansk and nearby towns exceeded the norm. Children were evacuated, local residents encouraged to spend less time outdoors.

Sulfur dioxide, or sulfur oxide (IV) is a sulfur compound with the oxygen composition of SO2. Under normal conditions, this colorless gas with a characteristic pungent smell (smell of a lighted match). Very toxic. Symptoms of poisoning with sulphurous gas are runny nose, cough, hoarseness, severe sore throat and a peculiar taste. Inhalation of sulfur dioxide higher concentrations, asphyxiation, speech disorder, difficulty swallowing, vomiting, and possible acute pulmonary edema.

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