The police of the Dnieper released blogger Ananiev before the start of the trial

Полиция Днепра отпустила блогера Ананьева еще до начала судебного заседания

On Tuesday, September 11, police released the Dnieper blogger and member of the ATO Valery Ananiev, who was arrested yesterday, before the presentation of his book. This was reported by the correspondent of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, today was scheduled a court session on election to it measures of restraint in the district Novomoskovsk city court.

“Ananiev came out and said that he was released, he allegedly reconciled with the “victim in the case”. In fact, the police explained that he was released on bail of people’s deputies,” – said korrespodent.

The people’s Deputy Andrey Denisenko wrote on his page in Facebook that he took Ananiev on bail.

“Bailed Valera Ananiev, who still hope that in the near future will present his book are grateful to the Dnieper from the public,” he wrote.

Along with this, he Ananiev says that the victim took away the statement. The police say that the case is not closed.

We will note that Valery Ananiev, was arrested yesterday, September 10, in the river before the presentation of the book.

“An event which relates to the detention, took place in January 2016. During a workout at the gym in town. The guards between the two men was a conflict. After a verbal altercation one of the men struck several blows with his fist in the face of another. The victim was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with “bleeding around the eyes, a bruise of a brain of the I degree, fracture of nose with shift”, – says the press service of the regional police in Facebook.

The event has been qualified under part 1 of article 125 of the Criminal code (light bodily injury).

Later, according to the certificate of the forensic medical examination, which had indicated the degree of severity of injuries, the qualification of the criminal proceedings was changed to part 1 of article 122 (Intentional moderate bodily injury).

“After appropriate investigative actions, 23.03.2018 year in connection with failure to appear in pretrial investigation, his / her close relatives was handed written notice of the suspicion and reported to appear in Novomoskovsk police Department. In the absence of the ability to conduct investigative actions with the suspect, the man was declared wanted on 4 April 2018. All this time the police talked to the suspect on the phone and explained the legal requirements for his / her arrival to the police station. 7 June 2018, the investigating judge on the Novomoskovsk court ruled in forced detention of men for election to it measures of restraint”, – explained in the police.

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