The police took Karl Marx for the burglar 200 years ago was born the author of the Capital

Полиция принимала Карла Маркса за вора-домушника 200 лет назад родился автор  Капитала

The police took Karl Marx for the burglar 200 years ago was born the author of “Capital”
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Communism in the twenty-first century has died. But the monuments of its parent continues to stand in many cities of the planet. Photo: Mr HUFF

The controversy about him continues to this day. Some believe Karl Marx to be the greatest scientist and philosopher, father of communism and Other political adventurer and the family tyrant.

A curious assessment given by Marx, the philosopher Jacques Attali, a member of the Bilderberg club of super-rich of the planet: “No writer had a greater audience, no revolutionary did not inspire great hope, and no ideologue provoked a greater number of interpretations, and, except for the founders of some religions, not a single person had on the world more influence than Karl Marx. It can rightly be called the “world spirit.”

Below – some amazing facts about the author of “Capital”.

From a family of rabbis and the founders of the company “Philips”

From the XV century Charles ancestors on the paternal and maternal lines were rabbis. It went from father to son. In the preparation of documents of Rabbi Avraham Halevi Mark the scribe mistakenly wrote Mark Marx. So there was a world-famous name. Would be and Carl Talmudist, Yes, the family tradition had violated his father Herschel Marx levy. Became the first Jewish lawyer in his native town of Trier. Successfully married the granddaughter of Rabbi Henrietta Pressburg. Behind her was given a large dowry.

200 years ago, on may 5, 1818, in the family and the boy was born with a triple name is Karl Heinrich Mordecai, known to history as Karl Marx.

By the way, aunt Carla on the maternal side was married to a Jewish banker, founder of the famous ancestor of the hitherto company “Philips”.

The case of lawyer walked up the hill. He became one of the richest men in Trier. And sent his son to the University of Bonn to study law.

Sitting in the Slammer

Karl studied hard. But at the same time a lot of drinking, carousing, fighting. Went everywhere with a gun. Even spent the night in jail “for violation of the peace and drunkenness.” And most importantly – was squandering his father’s money. Dad called to save, reduced allowance. A year later, and is translated son to the University of Berlin to save him from bad company. But the father was already sick with tuberculosis, the family’s financial situation deteriorated.

Almost became a poet

In Berlin Karl gave myself to writing, hoping to become famous as a poet and writer. Perhaps the genes worked. After all, his distant relative on his mother was the great poet Heinrich Heine. However, then the student about this relationship is not known. By day he studied, by night he wrote poetry, started a historical novel, “Scorpion and Felix”, the tragedy of “the Lancers”… all-Night vigils brought himself to nervous exhaustion, sick. Deciding that he is a complete incompetent, burned his verses and sketches of novels. Contacted the University with the rebels-ladegerate. Was born a new dream – to become the greatest on earth a philosopher, a revolutionary, to change the existing order. Father died to the career of a lawyer was to put a cross.

I must admit that new dream Carl sang, killing the poet. Although creative thinking was broke and in serious trouble. To remember at least the beginning of the famous “Communist Manifesto”: “a Specter is haunting Europe – the specter of communism…”

And Heine, incidentally, he would later meet and make friends.

Полиция принимала Карла Маркса за вора-домушника 200 лет назад родился автор  Капитала

Jenny was a true wife of a revolutionary. Uncomplainingly endured hardship, very supportive husband. Photo:

Nickname – The Moor

A student of Carl receive from friends nickname the moor. For dark complexion, black hair and beard. And violent nature, resembling the temper of Shakespeare’s Othello. Carl liked the moniker. She became his favorite nickname. Daughter later called him the Moor.

With his wife, Marx was lucky. Baroness von westphalen, the daughter of an important official, the first beauty of the city, was friends with his older sister. They fell in love with each other even in his youth. But got married when Jenny was 29 years old, Carl – 25.

Spent their honeymoon at the falls. Carl took with him 45 volumes, Diderot, Rousseau, Feuerbach…

Relatives lived in poverty

Hereditary aristocrat Jenny dangled to the Moor in a rented apartment, carefully copied out his articles, books, nakoryabano terrible handwriting. By the way, after the death of Marx, Engels admitted: “I’m working on unstructured manuscripts of the second, third volumes of “Capital”, I almost did not understand, work with labour”. Jenny understood everything.

The first was the death of Jenny. From liver cancer. Carl just passed, fell ill. And a half years followed the wife in the other world.

Jenny gave Charles seven children. Four of you will die very young – from grinding poverty. The great economist, author of “Capital” and have not learned intelligently to dispose of his own capital to save money.

Marks and it worked for a salary only once in a lifetime. In youth, before marriage, was briefly editor of the “Rheinische Zeitung”.

The inheritance Jenny has passed very quickly. Moor pledged and mortgaged items, up to his coat, go into debt, not paying on time, the marshals had arrested the property of… the Father of communism constantly complained to friends-companions on the hard fate in hope to get money.

Once the moor has gone to sell the family silverware background Westfalen, which his wife inherited. London police arrested unpresentable type, considering it to be a cat burglar. Jenny had to explain, to get her husband out of jail…

But the moor was not looking for a permanent job. “I work for humanity!” he repeated, with a poverty family.

The family kept other

It is unknown what would have been his fate would have been born Marxism itself, if not Friedrich Engels. Revolutionary, with whom Marx wrote the famous “Manifesto of the Communist party” and many other works. They were friends for forty years: the son of a wealthy textile factory owner regularly supplied senior fellow with the money paid his debts. Actually contained a family of Marks until his death. Although his financial resources were not unlimited.

Marx considered Engels his younger brother, and daughter called him a second father. Jenny was a little jealous of Frederick to her husband and worried that he lives unwed with different women. Probably because Engels did not want to burden themselves with family and kids, saw the Marks of toil.

Male friendship

Engels took Karl a sin in itself

In London, the agriculture Department led the maid Helen Demuth. She was younger than Karl for two years. He enjoyed playing chess with her. Lonely Helen gave birth to her son Freddie. The name of the father to call flatly refused. Based on the time, the woman was pregnant when Jenny children were at my mother in Germany. Among the German immigrants there were rumors, that the father of an illegitimate child – the moor.

Karl called these rumors indescribable meanness, his wife was worried. And then Engels stated that he is the father of Freddie. Gave the child into foster care, paid for its maintenance. And Helen continued to serve Marx. After the death of the spouses became a housekeeper for the Engels. When he died, Frederick buried her in Highgate cemetery in the grave of Marx. Along with the bodies of Jenny and Carl, whom she faithfully served all his life.

And only on his deathbed the noble Engels admitted that a servant actually sinned his older friend. No wonder Karl Marx said that nothing human is alien to him.