The presbytery of L’Ancienne-Lorette could be preserved

The Town of L’Ancienne-Lorette made a new offer to the parish of Notre-Dame-de-l’Annonciation, allowing the preservation of the “Italian” presbytery of 1893, which was threatened with demolition.
“We received a lot of e-mails to find out that people care about their presbytery, whether they’re practicing or not. It made me brainstorm, “says Mayor Émile Loranger, who filed a new proposal Tuesday for the construction of a new community center.
According to him, it preserves the current vocation of parking, which serves the users of the adjacent library, and above all, to preserve the presbytery. The mayor does not want to breathe a word of this offer, kept secret until the diocese of Quebec accepts it.
Initially, the City wanted to set up its community center on the parking lot between the municipal library and the church on Notre-Dame Street. This parking, owned by the factory, has been maintained by the municipality for 25 years.
The Loranger administration proposed to own it as well as land around the church, with the exception of the cemetery. The value of the set is close to $ 5 million on the assessment roll.
There would have been no exchange of money in this transaction, but the presbytery would have been demolished at the expense of the City of L’Ancienne-Lorette to be relocated without charge or rent in the future building. Another parking lot would have been set up on the presbytery site.

At zero cost

For Mr. Loranger, the last offer is at zero cost to the City and allows it to achieve its goal. “Our goal is to recover the parking lot and we did not want to integrate the rectory into our project because the building requires too much investment for the needs of the city. This is overpriced. It does not make sense. “He says.
It is now up to the council of manufacture and the diocese of Quebec to analyze the new proposal on the table. “I am confident that it will be well received,” said Mr. Loranger. In January, the mayor argued that the construction of a new community center is essential because of the obsolescence of the old town hall, where many community organizations now live.
The deadline for a decision was set in April. A second option is to demolish the existing building to rebuild it, next to the new town hall. A budget of $ 4 million is reserved. The mayor wants construction to start next year.

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