The President of Ukraine has rolled on the ground in the country the bus Elektron

Petro Poroshenko, while on a working visit in Lviv, rolled on the ground in the country the bus is “Electron”. The first electric bus of this model was presented in 2015, and in 2016 already on the first flight.


According to the company won the tender for the purchase of electric buses, batteries are completely safe to operate and have long service life. On the bus is a charger. It is capable of charging the battery from the network 380. The maximum speed that can develop the electric bus – 70km/h, making it absolutely safe not only for the environment but also to passengers and other motorists.

The approximate cost of one such bus is approximately 400 thousand dollars. Today, the Lviv city administration has purchased 10 “Electrons” and soon all of them will be allowed to the flight to Lviv.