The price of the snow removal could increase next year

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The season of shoveling is still far from being completed, so that another storm was announced Friday. This new lined discourages déneigeurs, who may be forced to inflate their prices next year.

The respite will be short-lived. This is another depression, smaller in scale, fortunately, is expected to bring snow accumulations of around 10 to 15 centimeters.

And the winter has not said its last word. “Sometimes, the month of march we have a few surprises. Systems strong can still occur, even in the heart of the month of march, ” recalls meteorologist Simon Legault.

Of inches of snow that give a hard time to déneigeurs, who claim to be “completely overwhelmed” for this year. “With the storm today, our winter is done, if it stopped snowing on Friday, we would have our amount of snow for the winter,” says Gilles Gauthier, Landscaping Leading to Quebec.

Wipe off the losses apprehended

As a result, the price of the contracts for snow removal are likely to be inflated next year to wipe off the losses anticipated this year.

“I was talking with other déneigeurs and they told me that they already went on the credit card this year. One works in a vacuum, ” says Mr. Gauthier.

“The last time that we had increased, it was after the record year of 2008. We will not have the choice [to increase next year, as all-around increases, the cost of the machinery, the cost of diesel, the problems of manpower “, said for his part, Guillaume Lebeau, Lebeau, Lawn and Snow removal.

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“It is that one also works when it’s not snowing. The City is going to blow next week, so we have to get rid of the entries by the following. It is still for the whole week, ” he continued.

Many hours of work

Several déneigeurs joined by The Journal in the middle of a storm on Wednesday, say that the new broadside has caused an explosion in the number of hours worked by their teams.

Most of them have already started their shift at approximately 1 a.m. and finished their day around 18 h.

“It makes me think of the year of 2008. We see the hours go up very quickly and this is not finished, ” said Jean-François Roberge, Landscaping Pro in Saint-Nicolas, which already envisages a deficit for this winter.

“The more we work, the more there may be breakage of machinery, for example, and it reduces profitability,” he continued.

– With the collaboration of Dominique Lelièvre