The Prosecutor General’s office extradited to Russia the Ingush Tumgoev at the request of the FSB.

Генпрокуратура экстрадировала в Россию ингуша Тумгоева по запросу ФСБ, - СМИ

The Prosecutor General’s office extradited to the Russian Federation of Ingush Timur Tumgoev at the request of the Federal security service of Russia. This “Caucasus.Realities” said the representative of Vainakh Diaspora in Ukraine.

“He said that gave it on the morning of 12 September,” – said the source.

Information was also confirmed by a source in the “Kharkiv human rights group”, which carried out legal support of the case Tumgoev. A source in the KHRG said that at the time of extradition, the decision of the UN Committee on human rights to suspend the extradition Tumgoev remained in force.

According to the newspaper, the decision to extradite Tumgoev was signed by the Deputy Prosecutor General Evgeny ENIN.

According to media reports, Tumgoev was a battalion of them. Sheikh Mansour, who together with the eighth battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army fighting in the area ATO/OOS.

We will remind, on September 12, was appointed to the court to extend the measure of restraint Tumgoev. It was expected that will continue the personal commitment to be on the first demand of the Prosecutor or judge.

On the eve Tumgoev was twice detained in Kiev, before going to Kharkov, and on arrival in Kharkov, where was held the court. During the arrest he was charged with expired certificate of an asylum applicant.

Tumgoev appealed to the migration service of Ukraine with a request for asylum, a certificate is a document proving his identity. He was detained by Ukrainian border guards at the airport in Kharkiv in June 2016, where he arrived from Turkey. In July 2017 he was released from custody upon the expiration of the extradition arrest.

FSB of Russia suspects Tumgoev in participating in one of the radical groups in Syria. The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has decided to extradite Tumgoev. The European court of human rights has twice refused lawyers Tumgoev to suspend the extradition, but the United Nations Committee on human rights obliged the Ukrainian authorities to suspend the extradition.

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