The Prosecutor’s office said details about the case of the tax Klimenko

В Генпрокуратуре рассказали подробности о деле налоговиков Клименко

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine completed pre-trial investigation against the 30 suspects in the case of the tax times the ex-Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko, the press service of the Ministry.

Law enforcement reported that the investigation was collected evidence to report suspected criminal offences 57 persons, including 50 tax. As a result of the criminal actions of the state suffered losses in excess of $ 104 billion.

“At present pre-judicial investigation is finished in relation to the 30 suspects of which two people according to the results of the trial have been convicted, one faces a trade closed due to his death, another 27 suspects and their lawyers 54 14.03.2018 granted access to materials of criminal production”, – told in Prosecutor’s office.

As of today, the defense met with the case, but three suspects and a third of the defenders for the inspection still has not started. After this stage the indictments are sent to court.

At the same time is still set to stay for another 27 people, they wanted.

Also, the GPO noted that during the investigation, 20 suspects at the request of investigators and the court were detained, and the remaining seven by the court elected a measure of restraint in the form of collateral for the total amount of UAH 77 million (with a consequent reduction in its size to the amount of about UAH 22 million).

“After expired, the statutory maximum term of detention that is caused by a large amount of work for, and the duration intended by the investigators expertise, the courts have made a decision to replace a suspect previously chosen measure of restraint,” – says the Prosecutor’s office.

Note that only within this production held more than 3 thousand of investigations.

In General, in the production of seized assets worth 4 billion 889 million 360 thousand UAH 275, including the seized money and valuables to ensure the compensation of damage in amount of 1 billion 708 million 505 thousand UAH.

“The Prosecutor’s office fully respects and ensures the implementation of laws in criminal proceedings, but she did not write. This, in particular, applies to the requirements of the code of criminal procedure do not provide for the detention of suspects during pre-trial investigation more than one year. In fact, from the moment of detention of the tax until the completion of a pretrial investigation it took 9 months 18 days”, – concluded the Agency.

Recall, may 24, 2017, the National police together with military prosecutors have conducted more than 400 searches in 15 areas under the simultaneous anti-corruption operations against the “tax Klimenko”.

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