The public supports the program of the party For freedom in the aspect of agriculture and of the moratorium on land sales

To prevent the sale of land is one of the main components of which is incorporated in the program “Ukrainian dream” the party “For life”. The paragraph on agriculture and the moratorium on land sales is immediately supported by the public.

“The best in this program is that they say “no” to the sale of land, and the program clearly States that the land cannot be the subject of a mortgage”, – says Iryna Potapova, chair of the SEC “all-Ukrainian center “Public initiative and protection”.

“Ukraïnskiy Mriya’s” also proposed the establishment of a state land Bank. This format seems to be already working in Ukraine, but still does not bring the maximum possible profit to the state because of the miserable prices and interest lobbied in the power of large agrarian capital, say the experts.

“We know that our crops sell at low prices mainly for its offshore companies, from which comes the actual selling in different markets: West, middle East and other”, – said Denis Gayevsky, a political analyst.

In Ukraine 42.4 million hectares of sown soil. Twelve of them are state-owned. To profit in the budget, the land needs to rent out transparently and at world prices, said Vadym Rabinovich.

“On average, the land is one hectare in rent from 400 to 1000 dollars a year. I take the amount of $ 500, almost the lower bound, and get 6 billion dollars”, – said Vadim Rabinovich.

Agriculture is one of the “three pillars” that formed the program of an exit of Ukraine from an economic crisis in the party “For life”. Two important components of the Bank system and IT.

Общественность поддерживает программу партии За життя в аспекте сельского хозяйства и моратория на продажу земли

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