The publication of income declarations of officials of the SBU: the Supreme court has recognized the legitimacy of NACP

Обнародование деклараций чиновников СБУ: Верховный суд признал законность действий НАПК

The Supreme court confirmed that the National Agency for corruption prevention (NACP) is acting within the law in matters of disclosure declarations the staff of SBU and other officials. About it reported in a press-service of the NACP.

“The Supreme court agreed with the conclusions of courts of the previous instances which established that the National Agency acts on the basis of law and within the authority regarding decisions of situations with the publication of the declarations of the officials of the SBU and other persons belonging to the personnel of intelligence agencies or positions, exposure to which is a state secret,” – said in the NACP.

It is reported that the courts came to the conclusion about the lack of inactivity NACP for approval in accordance with the requirements of article 52-1 of Law of Ukraine “On prevention of corruption” a special procedure for submission of declarations by officials belonging to the staff of the intelligence bodies or hold positions, exposure to which is a state secret.

It is noted that the appropriate procedure was developed by the NACP in early 2017. However, due to legal requirements on the mandatory agreement with the authorities where the person in respect of whom developed such a procedure, the procedure for the submission of their declarations remains unresolved.

“We have 10 such law-enforcement agencies, whose representatives submit returns in a closed loop, in these bodies. We have sent the proposal to statement 10 orders the declarations, separately for each body that will consider the specificity of these bodies. I hope that the approval orders will be expedited and we will have documents that will allow you to unblock the work of verification of Declaration of such persons”, – said the Chairman of the National Agency Olexander Mangul.

Earlier, the District administrative court of Kiev refused to publicize the Declaration of the heads of the security Service of Ukraine.

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