The Punisher : the first opinions on the new series Marvel-Netflix fell






After Iron Fist and The Defenders, a third series in Marvel-Netflix arrives on our screens in 2017.

Its launch has been pushed away by the streaming platform, following the shooting in Las Vegas in early October but the first season of The Punisher finally arrives on our screens this Friday, 17 November. If we have not yet had the opportunity to discover the first episodes in widescreen, the Americans come to publish their criticism. The perfect opportunity to give us an idea of the qualities and faults of the show before the hour.

With a score of 61/100 with nine reviews on Metacritic and 72% on Rotten Tomatoes with 29 opinion, The Punisher divides, rather, in the press, the image of The Defenders last August (63/100 on Metacritic and 72% on Rotten Tomatoes). One thing is for sure : it avoids the frosty reception received by Iron Fist (37/100 on Metacritic and a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Press review of reviews american.





“It is difficult to imagine a better cast Jon Bernthal, who communicates so easily with rests unmoved, and convinces the times when he is terribly violent and very gentle. Overall, The Punisher is not only satisfying, but also surprising. It happens even to offer more depth and challenges to the public that the world rocky of Jessica Jones.


Digital Spy

“Jon Bernthal gives the performance of his life and all the time spent away from him seemed wasted. “



The Punisher is the best Marvel comic series to this day. Why ? Because she does her own thing… This is the series in which Marvel Television had need. This is the series that proves that there is still hope for their ambitions to the small screen. “





“As a story on veterans who are trying to find their place in the world, The Punisher has something to say. But it could have been much shorter and its placement in the Marvel universe seems to be at best approximate. “


Entertainment Weekly

“If we put aside the ballets of bullets casual and this atmosphere of paranoid anti-government, you are left with something that resembles a riff melancholy which recalls a series CBS as a SEAL Team. What at bottom is not a bad thing. But that is far from to be ultra-well.




“The ambition of The Punisher testify that the creator of the series, Steve Lightfoot, did not hesitate to face the isolation and the torment inside that veterans live with daily… But when the series moves away from this kind of things, it passes successively fascinating to fade, and then to ridicule.


The Hollywood Reporter

“The Punisher has exciting times, moments of violence and a star well-established core. But it is also tedious in long sequences, and when one looks at the plot, it is surprisingly forgettable. “





“The Punisher is more effective when his character killing his enemies without discernment, but also when it evokes the more often the horrors of real life, those who have pushed for a long time, and might have been able to postpone indefinitely. There may be a time where the actions of Frank Castle does remember not instantly these horrors of our world. But the version of this story will be told in a more compelling way than this. “



“The Punisher is a chore and even if it is not a great disappointment as was Iron Fist, this is a miss for Marvel.