The puzzle of the stolen passports

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It must be borne in mind that our passport is the exclusive property of the government of Canada. On the site, we suggest you strongly to take good care of it. Unfortunately, it may happen that in the trip, we will be the victim of a vol And this is where the trouble begins ! Trouble that will take more than two years to settle.

1. In the case of theft, it is necessary to report it with the police in the country and in one of the offices of the government of Canada (consulate and embassy).

2. A part of his vacation will have to be sacrificed to make it in the city where is located the embassy of Canada. We never forget to keep his bills (taxi, bus, hotels, meals, train, or plane) in order to claim his insurance, but the latter will not reimburse all of the costs and the bill can be hefty.

3. At the embassy, you should meet with a representative, submit proof of identity (copy of passport, driving licence or other) and the police report, fill out a new passport application, provide the name of two of the respondents, in Canada, to take new photos on the spot and… wait.

4. After a wait ranging from 2 to 10 days, you will get a passport in white that allows you to leave the country. But attention, this last will need to be replaced within 60 days of the return to the country and it will not be good for… two years !

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5. At the time of renewal of the latter, it will be necessary to redo all the process. That is to say that it will be necessary to fill out an application as if it was our first passport to life, to provide a baptism certificate and the name of the respondents we know since 10 years, have them sign all the documents (photos, identity papers, etc) and take new photos.

6. The bureau of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, from which I was surprised of this second approach (already made at the embassy), they said : “If a person has lost his or her passport and has been issued with a passport of limited duration, his case is no longer considered as simple and it is mandatory to fill the regular passport application. “

7. Note that if the passport is damaged, it will also be necessary to submit a new application to avoid being refused entry at border crossings, on board aircraft or suffer significant delays.

► NOTE : As I often get questions about passports, I have gathered some information that I will propose in the chronicles of the next three weeks.