The Québécois know-they really drive it in the winter?

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The drivers in quebec are-they really be able to face situations winter road? Not really.

At least, that is what has advanced Franck Kirchhoff, Chairman of the circuit Mécaglisse, Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci.


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In an interview with the issuance of The Guide of the self, on the platform QUB Radio, the business man who receives a variety of schools of winter driving on the track has been clear on the subject.

“We trained a lot more to pass an exam to learn to drive”, he says, adding that the situation is even worse for young drivers who do their learning during the summer.

Franck Kirchhoff has also reminded that it is important to keep eyes on the road when driving and not be distracted.

In this issue of the Guide to the self, the animators Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer also spoke with Pierre Grenon, owner of the company assessment PG Assessment.

The Guide of the self, it is every Saturday at 10am on QUB Radio.


Listen to the complete program in the segment below:


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