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In the pages of the Figaro on Monday, November 13, Étienne Daho is promoting his new album titled Blitz which is scheduled to release on November 17. The singer speaks on his relationship with his sister Jeanne. She died in January 2016, it has inspired a song called The Garden. “An eden wonderful ” in which he “like to imagine“.

Almost 40 years of career and still a new album. Étienne Daho is the media tour for the promotion of his album Blitz which will be released on November 17. A opus, written and composed in London, a group of 12 titles, including The garden, a song he dedicates to his sister, Jeanne, passed away in January 2016. “He would have had to devote an album to say to what extent this was a person , “explains the singer at the Figaro, on Monday, November 13. I’d like to see in a place that she deserves, a eden wonderful.” On January 10, 2016, the singer buries his sister. On the same day, he learned of the death of his idol, David Bowie.


A double blow that the artist has transformed in text and melody, in a tribute to the one who has always been by his side. “It was very important to me, it has accompanied the last ten years , “says the singer who has lived very badly the abandonment of his father when he was a child. “It is a party, without warning, be patient. I am happy to have written a song for her, it lightens the spirit. “A sister, a woman who was part of the many confidentes and friends that has the artist. “The conversations I had with Joan made me mature too. She told me: “I do not believe in death, I am immortal. “I understand now , “concludes the singer.

Etienne Daho

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